Summer Reads

Hello there my fellow book lovers and those who just stumbled upon my blog.
If you asked me what I've done this week I wouldn't really be able to come up with a good answer besides from "I watched Broadchurch Season 1".
I am so much behind in my Goodreads Reading Challenge it's actually quite depressing. But I hope I'll be able to finish a book very soon (hopefully today???).

I will show you now a few books which I think are quite nice to read during summer. Whether you're at the beach, the pool, your balcony or just inside hiding from the heat and the sun, these books make a nice companion.

books to read during summer

I'm currently reading Me Before You. This is actually NOT a nice, easy or delightful summer read, but the topic is pretty interesting and well-written (and even a little heartwarming maybe..although it's still kinda depressing). I would'nt say love stories are my typical genre but I heard so much about this book and how good it is so I had to give it a try, especially since the cast of the movie is amazing. I have to admit that it is quite good indeed, although I still have to read the end... (And to be honest, I don't want to read the end haha I'm scared)

The Life List is a really inspiring and joyful read (I still shed some tears though), perfect for summer. I really loved this book.

Another book I really love is The Lover's Dictionary. It is a story about a couple and their life together but it isn't told chronologically but from A to Z, just like a dictionary (who would've expected that! lol). I think it's very artful and the idea is unique. It's definitely worth the read and if you can't get enough you should also follow David Levithan on Twitter for even more dictionary entries!

One of my favourite books is The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I saw it everywhere when I was in England two years ago and I had to buy it as soon as I was home again (don't ask me why I haven't bought it in England... I don't know!). It is a fantastical story about growing up. Everyone should read it, because it's a topic that affects all of us, unfortunately haha. It is definitely worth reading! Neil Gaiman is amazing!

As you see, there are still two other books on the picture, The Lightning Thief and An Abundance of Katherines. Those are books I haven't read yet, but I plan to read them in the next few weeks. I think those are two easy reads that you can also read very fast. John Green is always a good idea and I've heard a lot of positive things about the Percy Jackson books. They're probably easy reads and good story which you can easily follow (not like Game of Thrones for example lol. Reading that equals work). I'm really looking forward to read those two, especially The Lightning Thief, which has been lying on my shelf for at least 4 years now (I'm a terrible book hoarder...)

What have you read during summer this year? Can recommend some other nice summer reads?



Summer Bucket List (2.0)


Hope you're all good and having a great summer so far! I'm doing pretty well. My summer's alright too so far.
I love summer. I can't really say that it's my favourite season, because I love all seasons and every season has its perks and downsides (although there are not many downsides of summer to be honest haha) but I still really love summer.
And one of the reasons why I love summer is because there are so many great things you can do!

Last year I've also wrote a post about my Summer Bucket List, but I was not very successful with keeping up on it... 
So this year I added a few points and crossed out a few others, so that I will hopefully do better.

Here it is:

  • go on vacation
  • go to the beach
  • water ballon fight
  • city trip to Vienna (everything's planned already and I'm so excited!!)
  • open air cinema
  • get a tan (a fake one would count too lol)
  • star gazing
  • BBQs with great people
  • read a few books 
  • go on a bike trip
  • go to a festival
  • make ice cream/popsicles
  • party! (party outside???!!! PLS)
  • throw a houseparty (as soon as my parents are on vacay!)
  • be happy and have a great summer!

Some are more likely to be achieved than others but I'll give my best! 

Tell me about your bucket list if you have one, and please remember this:
Don't let others ruin your summer! You're great, strong and beautiful and you'll have a great time with great people!