2015 Reading Challenge

I love books and I love reading. But I have to be honest: when it comes to reading and reading challenges I am the biggest failure on this whole planet I guess.

Reading (and also writing) takes you to so many places and lets you live a thousand lives, we all know that don't we? I love getting lost in a good book, preferably with a cuppa.
But can you guess what? I never seem to find the time to read. It's horrible. I go to bed so late that I either just want to sleep or I'm on my phone, writing with people or looking through Facebook, Instagram, other blogs, etc. I want to read at that time, but then I get distracted. It's a real disaster.

Another thing is that I always start reading books but I never finished the last few books I started reading. Those are Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

It's pretty embarrassing that I actually already have mentioned those two books in a post. And said post is from about half a year ago.
Yes, I haven't read a single book for a very long time now. I don't feel good about it and I really want to change it.
Therefore I'm taking part in the Goodreads Reading Challenge (which doesn't mean that much though. I take part in it every year and I never even come close to my goal of 15 books...) and I found another challenge which sounded very nice. It's the Popsugar Reading Challenge.

I love that there are so many different genres of books on there and it really offers a broad variety of books to read and it makes you want to read all those different books. This is a very good challenge if you're usually only reading books of one genre.

I'm currently reading Red Dragon by Thomas Harris because I am the biggest fan of NBC Hannibal (and Bryan Fuller!) and I can't wait any longer for the third season! I bought it months ago together with The Silence Of The Lambs at a book bazaar for 1 € each. When I heard Richard Armitage is going to be the Tooth Fairy I immediately had to start it. (And I want to finish it! Really!)

Yes, it's on German. But it I got it for one Euro, so I don't really mind.

There are also those three books on my night stand. They have been there for such a long time now. At least Harry Potter and The Casual Vacancy. A Storm of Swords hasn't been there that long. But it also hasn't been touched for months now.
I want to read The Casual Vacancy before the TV series starts though. And it is DEFINITELY time for a Harry Potter reread. Especially in English!

What are you currently reading? Do you read often? Do you also take part in a challenge? I'd love to know!




My favourite Season

Hello there.

Today I will tell you about my favourite time of the year and my favourite season.
Either you know what I'm talking about, you're thinking it's winter or you're just confused.

So here it is, what I'm talking about:  CARNIVAL 

No, I'm not talking about Rio Carinval, although that's probably your first intention. I'm talking about carnival in Germany. It doesn't take place in all areas of Germany, but it is a tradition where I live. We call it the "fifth season", that's where the post name comes from. Because this time of the year is always my favourite.
Unfortunately it's over since Wednesday. It's always from November 11 till Ash Wednesday, but the "big days" begin thursdays before Ash Wednesday.

It's a little like Halloween, because you dress up/wear costumes of whatever you want to be. You can go to carnival sessions/meetings, which are a programme of sketches and dance groups and at this last weekend, there are a lot parades almost every village and city.
I'm not sure if you can imagine what this is all like but it's really great.

Here is a compilation of my costumes this year (I'm really greedy and I don't want to buy new costumes, so I always improvise a little and then call it "costume" haha)

---- SELFIE ALERT ----

I had a black spot on my nose as a cat nose, but it's already gone here haha
playing the clarinet in parade and wearing the ugliest things ever lol. At least I had some sunglasses

I'm really sad that it's over but also happy because there are a lot of things to look forward to this year!



January Haul

To be honest, I could've also named this post "I spent way too much money in January for random things"

I already blogged about my room makeover project, so I bought different things for that (and once I was in Ikea, you could barely stop me from buying things I didn't need in particular.)
I don't have pictures of all the things I bought but I can show you some, at least.

I bought various boxes, to store various things. Wool, painting stuff, and pens. I also bought this white pot-thing to store the pens I use the most.
Speaking of pens, I bought new ones too!
I don't know if I really needed them but I wanted to have them, so my blogging planner is pretty (lots of colours, etc. You know and understand what I mean, don't you?)

I can also write in my journal with these. It's gonna look so pretty! (At least I hope it will /cries)

I didn't buy the pens in Ikea of course. But I bought some other things there (things I don't have pictures of, sorry)

Two pillows, seeds to grow basil,coriander, mint and other herbs, a new lamp for my ceiling....
I'm not sure if this is it (probably not lol) but I can't come up with anything else I bought at Ikea.

Well... I also bought new shoes that were on sale. They were love at first sight!

And one shop in my hometown was closing and they had 70% off on everything. So you can guess that I couldn't just walk by haha.

Boyfriend jeans and leather pants! YAY.

I still feel horrible because I spent so much money, but I guess it was all worth it...

Did you get anything special in January?