New Year's Eve

Hello guys!

It's the last day of 2014!! Can't believe this year is already over. I would love to talk about all the great things that happened this year, but besides my graduation my year was pretty dull.

But maybe next year will be more spectacular! I'm positive about that!

I'm so sorry that I didn't blog as much as I wanted to this month /sighs. There was actually a blog post about all the things I did in December, but my Photoshop is broken or doesn't work properly anymore. So I wasn't able to edit the pictures. If you're interested I'll try and make photoshop work again, so I can finish the post.

But now on to my New Year's Resolutions!

I know, this is just another typical post, but I still want to share them with you.

Read more
Make new friends
Get your blog running + post more often
Work out
Be confident and be happy
Love and Forgive
Do what you want and what you love to do!

So what are your Resolutions for 2015?
And what are you doing tonight? I'll go to a party, but I'm not that excited to be honest haha. But there will be Pizza ♥ so, yeah, it'll be worth going haha.

See you next year, friends ♥
Have a great NYE and have lots of fun and alcohol (lol) tonight!




Blogmas Day 04: Empty November/December

Hi guys ♥

this is a quick post, actually not Christmas-related, but still haha.
It's the Empty tag! 
There are actually just three things that are empty. Not much haha. 

empty december

There you go!
The first one is my night moisturizer. The one on the pic is not the empty one, it's a new one haha. There you can already see that I (my mum) rebought it.
It is the Weleda Almond Soothing Natural Facial Cream. My mother originally bought it for herself but she didn't really like it, so she gave to me to use it up and I love it! I had a few blemishes in my face and since I use this cream almost all have vanished! (I don't know if it's really due to the cream though... but I guess so.)

Next is an oil leave-in treatment. You use it after you showered/washed your hair. I'm not sure yet if I will buy this one again, because I always want to try new things on my hair. But it was not bad, I'm just never happy with the products I use for my hair.

The last product I used up is a spray leave-in conditioner. I had it for a VERY long time and rarely used it but now it's finally empty. And in the end, it turned out to be pretty good too.
My hair gets easily static, but when I used this it was much better!
But I already told you, I love to try new things for my hair. So I'll probably try something different.

What did you use up this month? Do you have any good recommendations for hair products I could use? (I got thin but curly hair...)




Blogmas Day 03: What I love most about Winter...

Can you guess it?? Can you? Can you?????

Here's a hint: It's white and soft and wet. And gorgeous. And fun.
If you didn't know what I was talking about before, now you do. (I hope you do haha)

It is......

S N O W !!

The picture has been taken on Christmas Eve two years ago. The last White Christmas I had /cries. My biggest wish for Christmas is always snow.
Of course, after a few weeks of nothing else BUT snow I'm happy when it's starting to melt but all the other times I cry tears of joy when I see snowflakes.
And today there were the first real snowflakes in at least 1,5 (?) years that I've seen!! They melted immediately but still: SNOWFLAKES!
I hope there'll be more snow in the next few days/weeks and that the snow will stay for some time ♥

By the way, I really can't imagine what life is like when you've never seen a single snowflake. Seriously, tell me!! I also wonder how people in e.g. Australia can spend Christmas at 30°C outside. I mean... Christmas in Summer! Whaaaaat??
But they're probably wondering how we spend Christmas during winter, avoiding to go outside because it's freezing cold.
Well, last year it was around 20°C in Germany I think anD IT FUCKING SUCKED! Too damn hot!
Fucking Global Warming! Screwing up my White Christmas!

I hope you love snow just as much as I do ♥
Tell me about the weather during Christmas time where you live! :)


PS: Yeah I know, always complaining about the weather: "too hot" "ugh too cold"... But I'm German. I'm born to complain about things! (I'm also very good at it haha)


Blogmas Day 02: Christmas Mixtape

DAY 02 is already here!

This is probably my favourite part of the time before Christmas! MUSIC!!

I love Christmas music and I listen to it A LOT, I usually start listening to it in November already haha.
So here is a compilation of my favourite Christmas Songs, and you should definitely listen to them (on spotify, youtube, idk where you can find them... I wasn't able to give you a link to the whole mixtape because I don't have all of the songs on my computer /cries. I'm a failure haha.)

What are your favourite Christmas songs? Do you have a Christmas playlist? Let me know ♥




Blogmas Day 01: Wishlist

This is the first post of Blogmas! YAY. And it's one very important thing: My Christmas Wishlist

I love Wishlists. Writing and reading them!
Of course Christmas is about giving and about love. But aren't we all a little materialistic? So, here's my little materialistic wishlist haha.

This is my Christmas Wishlist, and also on the wishlist is pretty much everything except the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre from this post too.

What's on your List? I'd love to know!