This is Halloween

Hello there cutiepumpkins ♥

This post is dedicated to one of my favourite holidays (although it is no official holiday in Germany): HALLOWEEN 

To be honest, Halloween sucks in Germany. There are a few kids who go trick-or-treating and there are also some parties where you can show up in a costume but I think 90% of the people assume that Halloween is all about scary and bloody costumes.
And it's just not as big as in the US. And the older (and  more conservative) people are sorta annoyed by it I think.

Now you may wonder why I love it so much. Actually, I'm wondering too.
I guess I've been influenced by so many things that I just started loving it more and more, even if my last Halloweens all sucked (and this year's will probably suck too)

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Halloween are three things:

  1. The actual Halloween-movies, the Michael Myers-ones. I've only seen one of them. on Halloween. when I was like 12. And damn, Michael Myers still scares the shit outta me! (As do so many other scary people. I'm so easily scared!!) 
  2. Hocus Pocus. Which I've seen as a kid and it was fucking scary, too! Haha. Yup, I've always been easily scared and I still am /criesinacorner
  3. Tim Burton! His movies are cute AND dark, which is like the best combo ever! I have not seen all of his movies, but they are all somewhat Halloween-related or at least they all fit Halloween.
And of those three things, I only love two. (Because Hocus Pocus isn't so scary now. Halloween (movie) still is.)

There is another thing Halloween-related I love. Probably none of you will no this band, but they're really cute!

The Candy Spooky Theater is a Japanese band. I can't explain this band properly. You just have to see them. And hear them.

What are your favourite Halloween movies and Halloween songs?



Empty: September/October

Hello ♥

this is the first time I will do the "Empty Tag". I'd be excited... but my empty stuff isn't that exciting to be honest haha.

This time I only collected a few things I used up, I'm sorry. Hopefully there will be more next time! (I want to post about this every month, but of  course this is also depending on what and how many things are empty. We'll see!)

So here we go:

This was my everyday cleansing milk. It does its job and I probably will rebuy it because it's handy for when you travel.
At home I usually use another one, but that was empty, too haha.

I really love this mascara! It's not that expensive (~7 €) and it defines the eyelashes perfectly and gives a lot of volumes to them. It's very probable that I'll rebuy this one, so I can use it as an everyday mascara (so I will use my Lancôme one for "special" events).

This is a deep conditioner. It is all natural and when I first used it I was kinda surprised of the consistency because it was white and very creamy. It was the first organic/natural cosmetics product I bought, before I was used to the gel-like cosistency. 
But it is actually a pretty good conditioner and it smells like roses, but I still bought another one for the next time, because I like to try out new things on my hair. (My hair is very complicated and I'm never fully satisfied, so I like to try new things). But the new deep conditioner I bought is also all natural (I want to start using only natural things, at least on my hair and maybe my face.)

I rebought this peeling a few days ago. It is pretty rough as a peeling because it's sea salt but I like that. I have another body peeling which is very soft compared to this one, so I only use it on sensitive areas, whereas I use the sea salt peeling on the other areas (e.g. legs)

This is my daily moisturizer and I obviously rebought this. My beautician recommended this to me, so I stick with it. I use another one for nights, but as soon as it's empty I will use this tea tree moisturizer day and night.

Sooo this is it. No, actually it isn't. I just took a shower and my conditioner is now empty and the creme I use on spots and zits is also empty! Did rebuy both by the way haha.

What did you use up this month (/last month)? Let me know!


Edit: I thought I bought the creme but I actually didn't haha. But I have another zinc ointment so everything's fine! Zinc ointment works so well on zits!


Glamour Shopping Week: Haul

Guess what I did this week except from work?
Right! I went shopping! (and I went to Lady Gaga's ARTrave it was so good omg seriously it AMAZING! I love her even more now. And damn, she got one fine ass!!!)

This week was the Glamour Shopping Week! That means that various stores (e.g. H&M, Zara, Forever 21, etc.) give some sort of discount (mostly 20%) or you will get something special when you show them the Shopping Card.
There is only one day left and I still need to buy so many things /cries. I guess I won't be able to buy everything I want/need.

But for now, let me show you what I bought:

Bra by Lascana

finally some Chelsea Boots!!!

Skirt, Top and overknee socks by H&M

Scarf by Pieces 

Blush and Lipstick by Kiko. The lipstick is ffrom the "Ace of Diamond" edition, as you can read.
The blush is a red/brown colour and the lipstick is a light pink/coral colour.

That's it. Maybe I'll go shopping one last time tomorrow but I don't know yet.
This weekend will be pretty boring, everyone is out of "town" (i.e. village) and there is not much I can do here. I'm also getting sick yay.

see you soon


The Struggle: Buying a new Bag

Hi guys.

First of all, I want to apologize for not really posting regularly but I started working last Wednesday and since then I've been very busy and I didn't figure out yet how to do both, blogging and working. (I'm exhausted after work and there is always something to do after work. So again, sorry!)

Did you ever want to buy anything new but you everything you saw did not quite match with what you got in mind? Welcome to my life!

I need a new bag (i.e. I want to have a new one haha) but there's something wrong with every bag I see. 
I want something like a tote bag, but I also want a new shoulder bag ...

Because I can't show you what exactly I want, I wanted to show you the bags I own (and the bags my mother owns that I use).

these are "my" three shoulder bags. (Actually the black one is the only that is truly mine haha. but the only purpose I use this for is when I go clubbing.)
I sometimes use the brown one because there is much storage space in there, the Gucci bag is pretty small but also does its job when I go out (and my purse fits perfectly in it)

This is the biggest bag I own. I use this when I have to carry a lot of stuff (obviously)

I love the design of this one but opening it is very difficult when you're in a hurry so I use it rarely

This is my everyday bag... I  bought in Japan in Shibuya 109, but it is now two years old and I really want to have a new everyday bag. I love this one, but it's definitely time.

Do you have any recommendations for a bag I should own? (Except the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag /criesinacorner)