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Erasmus: Thoughts on Arriving in a New Country

Hello there! Here is my first update about my Erasmus semester abroad in Valencia!

I've now been in Valencia for a little over two week and my first week here has actually been a real emotional roller-coaster. I arrived in Valencia on Wednesday 06/09/17 and I had booked two nights in a hostel, because I thought I'd easily find an apartment in two days. Well, it looked quite promising in the beginning and I was able to visit a very nice room in a shared apartment. Unfortunately, I didn't get it. This started a kinda downward spiral for me. I visited some more apartment but either got declined or I didn't get an answer at all. I wrote a lot of people in Facebook groups who were looking for flatmates but then as soon as I wrote them they weren't anymore... I got sooo frustrated!!! I had to book two more additional nights in the hostel because I wasn't able to find anything, and apparently hostels can get quite expensive over the weekend....
But then one evening, …

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